Friday, June 15, 2012

We left Nauvoo on Thursday and really covered ground.  We got all the way across Iowa and into Nebraska.  We did see a cougar in a wooded ravine right alongside the road, but were moving too fast to get a picture. 

We ran into a "severe thunderstorm" just west of Omaha, continuous lightning, nickle-sized hail, traffic on the freeway down to 20mph with flashers on for quite a ways.  I guess it had spawned a couple of tornadoes in Colorado, just south of us.  The wind was blowing 50-60mph across the freeway, sheets of rain.  We decided to spend the night in a motel in York, NE.  I'm not sure either of us wanted to be out in that stuff in a camper. 

We scooted out of town and drove the rest of the way across Nebraska, leaving the freeway at Ogallala and following the Mormon Trail up the North Platte to Torrington, WY, where the thunderstorms were threatening again, so are holed up in Grandma's Inn for the night. We had hoped to get west of the storms, but still have a way to go. Fortunately, both motels cost us less than we usually pay for a single night, and we got nice showers out of the deal.   

We will take some time to sort through pictures, and I'll post the ones that apply to this portion of the blog when we get back into coverage.  So far, so fun, so good! Casper and Landers tomorrow, I hope.

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