Friday, April 13, 2012

Time to catch up the happenings.  We were in SLC and environs for most of the 1st week in April.   We took a ride to American Fork and saw the house that Gram lived in when she took her first teaching position after graduation from college.  She told us she had taken in the landlord's washing and was drying it on the oil heater (which they did regularly when it had frozen) and one of the ties from an apron fell down into the heater and set the clothes on fire.  She grabbed the clothes and threw them out in the snow to put out the fire, but she managed to burn the aprons of one pattern and the skirts of another, and they were parts of matching uniforms.  She also exploded the heater by adding oil when she thought it had gone out, and blew soot out of all the stovepipes in the house--top to bottom.  What a mess!

We went up to Evanston to see Bob and Becca Alkire--I forgot to take pictures, but snapped this picture of Echo Reservoir on the way.  We had a nice visit--Becca is recovering from knee replacement surgery--spends 8 hours a day on the rehab machine, but is making great progress.

Spent most of Wednesday with Jimmy and Doreen, they are doing great.  We visited and Jim gave Ann one of his Santa Claus ornaments--a rare honor.  We then drove from Spanish Fork to Price to see Bonnie and John Thomas.  They were just getting back from Moapa, so we visited until midnight and then all left early the next morning. 

The view from our Campground in Moab was spectacular--a great sample of what we would see in Arches National Park the next day.
Here Ann is at "The Organ", and another one to see just how happy she was with all the sunshine!  I need to put this to bed for tonight.  I'll try to update again tomorrow since we may be snowed in in Cortez, CO for a day or two at our next stop.

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