Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Carlsbad Cactus

Sorry for the delay, we have gotten emails wondering if we had fallen off the edge of the earth, but we have been having so much fun with the grandchildren that we got behind with the blog.  The desert just explodes with flowers after a rain, and you can see the old buds on the cactus were about to dry up when it rained and it bloomed overnight. 
Ann and Ken at Carlsbad
 We made it to Carlsbad caverns, it was bright sunshine outside, but way darker inside, as you can see from the gift/snack shop photo.
Carlsbad Gift and Snack Shop
 I took 170 pictures in the 2-1/2 hours we were in the cave, and finally decided to leave when my hands got so cold I was uncomfortable--I must have been getting used to the heat outside. :-)
Doll Theatre at Carlsbad

Soda-straw Ceiling at Carlsbad
 The ceilings in the grottos were just covered with tiny soda-straw stalactites (they are hollow).  I couldn't get a picture of the great room--not enough light, since it is 7 football fields long--stupendous scale.
Carlsbad Columns
 Ann liked this one, since the columns had stretched floor to ceiling, probably about 100' high at this point.
Stone Curtains--Carlsbad
 Some of the formations were shaped like curtains of stone, formed by water coming down from a fissure or crack in the ceiling.
 Speaking of ceilings, here's just one photo of a place where it was close enough for the flash to work.

One more flower shot, in purple for all you Husky Fans!
While we were in Ozona, TX, Ann got this great shot of a Bullock's Oriole--just brilliant yellow.
And last of all the friendliest cat we have met so far.  It was hard to get a picture, since she kept rubbing around our legs and would not hold still except when she was getting petted, and then would wiggle away and come back for more rubbing.  We met her in Wimberley, TX, just west of Austin. 

Next segment will have pictures from Lake Jackson, TX.

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  1. Happy to hear & see that you made it to Texas safely. Your grandkids are adorable.