Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We drove south toward Alamagordo, but stopped to visit the Petroglyphs National Monument.  We were used to seeing petroglypys on sandstone walls, but these were all over a rock hillside--amazing.  I took about 140 pix, and we only stopped at three of eleven sites.  The thunderstorm was threatening, and we were on an exposed hill.
Petroglyphs 1

Petroglyphs 2

Petroglyphs 3
 We stayed the night in Alamagordo and drove to White Sands National Park.  The sand is really white.  It rained hard the night before, about 1.25" and this dry playa had water in it--that's not a mirage.
Playa at White Sands
Ann took this picture of a yucca in full bloom, with a sand dune behind it--looks like a studio shot with a white sheet. 
Soap Tree Yucca in front of White Sand dune
The rabbit bolted up the sand dune, but the bobcat caught up with him before he reached the top.
End of Story

Dad at White Sands

Mom at White Sands
 We drove the rest of the way to White Sands Missile Range, but were told at the gate that we couldn't take pictures.  There are displays of all the major missiles which have been tested at the range, beginning in 1940, and included the developmental work on the Manhattan Project and Trinity Site testing. Mom bought a postcard with a half dozen of the missiles on it, probably about 10% of those on display.

We are headed for Carlsbad Caverns tomorrow, don't know if we will get there in time to see them, maybe do the cave on Friday. 


  1. Hello from Snohomish County. Enjoying all the pictures on blog. Hope all is well with you and "Mom"...happy Mother Day BTW!

    Love to you both!!

    Dave Stroble

  2. Hope all is well with you. Getting a bit worried about not seeing any new posts for such a long time.