Thursday, May 3, 2012

Grand Canyon at evening Mather Point
Grand Canyon as light fades Mather Point
Grand Canyon Grandmother
The wind was blowing!
California Condor in flight
Grand Canyon Sunset
Grand Canyon Sunset 2
Grand Canyon Sunset 3
Ann before the cliff
Grand Canyon the next morning
Condors 16 & 22
Condor 13
Ken at the South Rim

Condor watchers

Ann at the South Rim
We spent an evening and a day at the Grand Canyon, so far the highlight of our trip.  The canyon was a fantasy at sunset, and we got pictures of the California Condors in the skyglow.  While Ann was trying to get a little closer to the edge to get the pictures, she "did a Becky," turned her ankle, fell 2 feet down the cliff and bruised her dignity.  You will note that in the next day's picture she is using her walking stick and I'm carrying her purse.  The last pix shows her without her stick and doing fine.

The next morning we went further down the canyon rim and stopped at a point where the condors roost and nest. 

We drove through Monument Valley, and stayed at Chinle last night.  We will make our way to Canyon DeChelly, and will be doing the rim drive on both sides today, heading for Four Corners, and possibly Shiprock, NM by evening, depending on how many side trips or stops we make.  The wild flowers are in bloom, masses of yucca, paintbrush, and cacti, with carpets of tiny white and blue flowers in some areas.

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