Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We were out by the pool, surrounded by palm trees and flowers when I spotted one of the locals!
Lake Jackson Gecko
At The Museum
We took the tribe to one of the local museums so that they could show us the big Jade Ship
3 foot Tall Jade Ship
The twins birthday was coming up, so for their big surprise, their parents had arranged for horseback riding at the home of friends on the morning of Memorial Day.  I'm glad I wasn't in the room when Em heard about it.  Her shriek of joy was loud enough to break all the windows in the house!
Emily Is Excited

Elizabeth is Excited Too

Ethan Is Next

Seth Cowboy

Kaylee Loves the Horse

Emily Goes Solo

Elizabeth Goes Solo, Too

Mom Gets Her Turn

Dad Looks Good on a Horse

Grampa Ken is Last
 I do believe that everyone involved had a good time.  I haven't been up on a horse for forty years, but it's kind of like riding a bicycle, you get right back into it again.  From the expressions on the faces of the crew, they looked like they were enjoying themselves.  They even got to feed the horses some green apples, which was too scary for the little ones, but they put out hay for the ones inside the fence.  We had to cut off the hay supply or they would have emptied the hay shed.

Cowboys and Cowgirls Ready to Ride
They next day Ann and Ken went down to one of the local nature observatories to see if they could add to their bird sightings, but it was close to noon before we got there.  The birds were a lot smarter, they were in the shade (92 degrees/95% humidity) so we took some flower pictures.  The orchid was a rare find, but I understand there are many varieties that grow in the wetlands. Hi Barb and Claire, this one is for you!
Orchids in the Swamp
This Passion Flower was near the visitors' center, but was so spectacular I just had to have a picture.
Passion Flower 3.5" Across

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