Friday, March 30, 2012

We spent a couple of nights in Benton City in order to visit family in the Tri-Cities area and the Columbia River Temple.

Benton City Camp

Glenn's Ferry ID(Oregon Trail)

Breaking camp in the Rain

Oregon Trail decends to Snake River here

Columbia River Temple and Ann
We then moved on to Glenn's Ferry, ID and saw some of the Oregon Trail markers.  The shot of the river from our campground shows the route down to the Snake River and the Three Island Crossing.  We broke camp in a rainstorm and decided to drive the rest of the way into SLC so that we could get a good night's sleep before General Conference.

Friday, March 23, 2012

The last 70 days have gone by like a flash.  We will be leaving on the first leg of our trip early next week.  I'll get the pictures up as often as I have coverage or a hot spot.  I even bought a new camera so that Dave can see them in a little higher resolution (and I thought I was getting old :-). 

Monday, March 5, 2012

We are back home for the moment, so it will be a couple of weeks until we start updating the blog again.  We found a fabulous fresh fish market (Barleans) on one of the backroads between the campground and Bellasfair Mall, and brought home fresh ling cod, bay scallops, huge shrimp, and shucked oysters.  The cod was lovely last night--Ann did it up with Chimichuri rice and fresh asparagus.  I made biscuits in our new oven. 

We will add our small convection oven to our campgear for days when it's too windy to bake in the dutch oven outside. Another lesson we learned in the blowing snow...