Thursday, February 12, 2015

Andrea dropped by this morning and wanted to take some pictures to remember us by.  His wife said he should get the pictures for sure, and so we obliged.  He is the tallest of all of those who have been our guards.  Most of them were only a couple of inches taller than Sister Reynolds.  He is very proud of his uniform, wanted to be sure we got a picture of his boots.

Sister Reynolds is wearing a skirt which was made by his wife.  She is an excellent seamstress, the best we have found after a couple of not-so-good results.

Can you tell we live in paradise?  Everyone who visits us says our compound is like the Garden of Eden.  We have heard it compared to Thailand for lushness and beauty.  Of course, we are in the middle of the rainy season, so it is about as pretty as it gets. Much of the credit goes to our gardener, Davey, who does a wonderful job keeping it all trimmed and neat.

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