Thursday, March 12, 2015

Although we are part of the Zambia Lusaka Mission, and we love our President and Sister Erickson, we are fairly autonomous since we are about two days travel from the mission headquarters.  It often seems like we are at the end of the world here in Blantyre, since we are the last stop in Malawi for everyone who comes.  It humbles me (and I think, Sister Reynolds, too) to think that the Lord and President Erickson entrust us with the care of our missionaries here.  We see them come and grow, and move on to leadership positions throughout the rest of the mission, and we realize that these are really choice young people, the best the Lord has to offer to work here. 

The membership is wonderful, so kind and gracious to us as we help, train, correct, and encourage them to be a little better each day.  The young people are incredibly faithful, and watching them grow in the gospel convinces us that this is Malawi's time, that the Church will be fully established here within the next decade and see remarkable growth.

Wednesday 11-03-2015 was another red-letter day for Malawi. We had the opportunity of attending the meeting where Sister Cherwa was set apart to serve in the London South Mission.  She is the FIRST Malawi native sister to be assigned outside of Africa, and it was exciting to be a part of that.  Sometimes we send out missionaries who are the only members of their respective families, and it will just be the Senior Couples who attend, but this young woman's family are mostly members of the church, and were there, brothers and sisters, Mom and Dad, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends.  It was a wonderful send-off. 

We had several non-members who were invited as close friends and families, and they expressed their thanks for having been included.  It was a great spiritual occasion for us all. 

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