Friday, March 13, 2015

Today I thought I'd let everyone know how their prayers for our safety are answered.  Driving in Blantyre is a dangerous sport.  It requires nerve, defensive and offensive skills, and not a little bit of oversight by your guardian angels. We thank the Lord each night for another day when we have been preserved by his hand. 

While we were on our way today, I was waiting at an intersection to turn across traffic, and there was a car coming, a little too close to turn out in front of, but still coming very slowly.  The driver eventually turned off but didn't turn on his signal until he was half-way around the corner.  Of course I was murmuring a bit about the delay, thinking that if he had signaled I would have been long gone.

As we approached the next intersection to the main highway, suddenly a car came careening out of control into our road, narrowly missing the car in front of us who was waiting to turn, barely missing the bridge abutment and drifting to a halt in the deep grass along side our car, with his wheel covers continuing to spin up to the neighbor's security wall.

If we had been a few seconds sooner in arriving, we would have met him head-on in our lane.  Sister Reynolds looked over at the driver of the errant car, and could see him frozen with fear, clutching the steering wheel and with his eyes wide open. 

I have often remarked that my timing is not the Lord's timing and I'm grateful that the angels are looking out for us, in spite of my complaining.  ER

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